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I looooooove her! <33 Sie tanzt wie eine GÖttIn!!!

Partna Let me upgrade u
Audemars Piguet you
switch your neck ties to purple labels
upgrade u
I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u!!!

We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to.....

I go back to us

Süße Ich liebe dich!!



Broken heart again
Another lesson learnd
Better know your friends
Or else you will get burned
Gotta count on me
Cause I can guarantee
That I'll be fine

«« «««


xXXMaKeS mE lOoOse ContRoLXXx
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My HeArT bEatS 4 SoUl...<3

17.5.07 19:33

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